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The Ratrod Cats are taking a two week break to prepare to record our CD early January, but we will be rolling back onto stage at &Union on Wednesday the 12th of December!
Welcome to the RatRod Cats
Original rockabilly band to emerge from the Dirty South (Africa). If old school rock 'n roll blows your skirt up then this if for you!

This three piece band of greasers includes Rick-abilly on drums, Double Dave on bass and K.C. Royal on guitar and vocals.

"The Ratrod Cats are an asset to a 'scene' that spits out wannabees quickly! It's time again for small, power, REAL bands to shine, or rust, whichever one you like best, I'm a believer in the RATROD BOOGIE!" - Martin Rocka (Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop)

"The girls in the audience are quick to get up and gyrate in the setting sun and they howl when itís the Cats' last number. " - Cape Times
"Ratrod Cats demonstrated how cool the rockabilly sound can be and that it has definitely made a major comeback" - SA Music Scene